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    Hello Everyone!



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    Hello Everyone!

    Post  Mikyla on 03.06.10 18:37

    Hello everyone,

    Name: Mikyla

    Desired Forum Account Name: Mikyla

    Desired Class: Conjurer or Tactician

    Reasons I want to join and what I can contribute: Reasons I want to join are you all are a great bunch of people and you embraced me into the fold when no one else even bothered to try in CB. I'm a very generous, helpful, friendly person and willing to help and pull my weight in anything. Go the extra mile especially for my guild. I'm very loyal once I commit myself to a guild and the people of that guild. I can contribute my skills, my loyalty, my friendship and helpful nature.

    Previous gaming experience: I have a lot of years of MMO playing under my belt. I started out beta testing those that were going to hit the market soon, starting with a game that was called Horizon's that eventually changed hands and was renamed Istaria. From there I moved onto Everquest 2 and beta tested games like Light and Dark, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, City of Heroes to name a few while I also moved into playing Lord of the Rings Online along with World of Warcraft Online. Needless to say I've seen a lot come and go as well. I still hold active accounts for Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft Online though I don't play them as frequently as I used to.

    A little about myself: I'm married and I'm medical transcriptionist that works mostly from home but often have to go to companies to complete jobs. I'm of Native American origins and yes this will shock you, I'm 48 years old. Now close your mouth from the shock! Wink I'm somewhat shy at first with people I've just met, but once I get to know you I am more than likely to chat your ears off. I also do a lot of freelance writing and have been published.

    Are you willing to use voice chat with us? : YES! I have and will continue to do so unless my computer freaks out and dies for some reason.

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